Publication Types
Publication Types

1. Conference Proceedings 

The conference proceedings of ICPCS 2020 will be published by DEStech Publications Inc. ( in the proceedings series of DEStech Transactions on Social Science, Education and Human Science, ISSN: 2475-0042. 

DEStech Publications, Inc., founded in 2001 and located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (U.S.), is an independent academic STM publishing company that develops and publishes original professional books and university textbooks written and edited by scientific researchers. In collaboration with U.S., Japanese, Chinese and European professional societies and conferences, DEStech also provides a wide range of publishing services for the production and distribution of conference proceedings and academic journals. 
Articles submitted for publication in ICPCS 2020 cannot be published or sent for publication elsewhere. Authors retain the right to publish an extended, significantly updated version in another periodical.

All articles published in proceedings in this series are submitted for indexation in CPCI (part of Clarivate Web of Science), CNKI and Google Scholar

2. Journal Publication

Education Research Frontier (ERF) is an  international open access journal, devoted to supporting a global forum of  knowledge of education research for scholars, researchers, administrators and  librarians in areas of education research to promote the academic exchange and  thus advance the development of education in our country.  The goal of ERF is to  report and discuss the educational practice, educational theory, educational  researches and so on.

ISSN Print: 2168-2453;  ISSN Online: 2168-247X

All articles submitted to this journal are required to be tested  by AMLC.

This journal is full-text indexed by CNKI which is the most authoritative academic resources database in China.

This journal is full-text indexed by Open J-Gate.

Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research
e-ISSN 2658-5561
International Electronic Scientific Journal "Bulletin Social-Economic and Humanitarian Research" publishes articles on the relationship of various government agencies and society. The Editorial Board determines the order of publication of articles. The author retains copyright to his articles. The journal is published from February 5, 2018. 

The mission of the journal is the publication of original articles and reviews on history, philosophy, economics, as well as raising the level of scientific research and the development of international scientific cooperation in the framework of these areas.

The Journal has entered into the EBSCOhost™ databases, the Russian Science Citation Index RSCI, and IP Indexing. The journal publishes articles in the following scientific areas: 
Historical Sciences and Archeology; Philosophical Sciences; Economic Sciences.
Articles are published both in Russian and in English.



Note: only one of the above two publishing methods can be chosen. Please specify the publishing type in the submission letter. Without any explanation, we accept that your article will be published in the form of conference papers.

Publication Types


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