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Please submit your paper in Microsoft Word format. We encourage you to read attached Guidelines prior to preparing your paper—this will ensure your paper is consistent with the format of the book and CD-ROM. Final book will print in Black ink only and color art is acceptable for the CD-ROM.


A conference article or paper should have the following elements:

Metadata – title,  keywords, abstract, professional affiliation(s), and cited references in the  bibliography must be included, and written in the English Language.

Abstract – a brief  and objective summary that previews the rest of the paper it describes. It  should be succinct yet provide enough information about the paper to facilitate a decision on whether the entire paper could be read with profit.

Introduction – an  introductory statement of the purpose of the paper, usually describing the  hypothesis that will be tested and a summary of related previous work by  others.

Methods – the  methods that are used to test the hypothesis should be given in sufficient detail  that another researcher in the field could duplicate the testing.

Results – the  hypothesis should be tested and data representing the results of the testing presented.

Conclusion – the  data should be discussed and the results interpreted, and conclusions given.


Please follow the  instructions of the Template when editing paper.


Click to download paper template: .DOC Version 


For accepted  papers, one registration covers 4 pages including tables, figures and  references, and additional pages (exceeding 6 pages) will be charged at 30 USD/Page.


Please submit your  papers to ICPCS 2020 official email:






1.      Your paper should be typed or printed single-spaced, and you should adhere strictly to the margins outlined in the section on “Printing/Typing Your Manuscript.” Stay within all margin lines, but fill the page as closely to the margins as possible.

2.      DO NOT use San Serif font or Italic faces for the main body of the text.

3.      If you create your paper in a program other than MS Word please supply the electronic file as a PDF.

4.      If a graph or table must be turned sideways for viewing, please be certain that the top of the table is on the left of the page. There also should not be any text on a page that has a graph or table turned sideways.

5.      Questions regarding format should be addressed to ICPCS 2020 Organizing Committee:








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